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Virus problem?

Hi :) I just joined...

I've had reoccurring problems where my music skips either constantly or just every once in a while when I'm running a few applications at a time and switching between applications. Usually it happens when I have windows media player running, but late it's with any music program (like Radio@aol or AOL radio via netscape). Right now I'd say that's my smallest problem, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's all connected.

Over the last week I've been running my McAfee virus scanner a lot and every single time my computer shuts off before it can finish. Like about an hour into it. My comp has shut off many times this month even when I wasn't running the virus scanner. I always thought maybe it was from overheating. Is it possible that there's a virus on my comp making it shut off?

Edit: Would running my VS in safe mode help any?

thanks, in advance!
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