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Subscription Key


Can anyone help me with the Symantec subscription key bug?

(Yes, I know Norton is useless, but removing it is a PITA.  Yes, I am aware of AVG.)

I had Norton 2004 preloaded, and I’ve renewed the sub a couple of times.

This time I got an invoice with a subscription key. When I go to unlock the update, it tells me the subscription key isn’t valid. At the official site there’s this ass protocol: sync up your clock, disconnect from the internet.  It says things like:  The subscription key is case sensitive.  Do not type the letter "o" instead of zero.  (Thanks, Symantec.)   Argh. It doesn’t work. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this on a lot of boards. All I want to do is enter the subscription key Norton sent me in the place it’s supposed to go! Can anyone help?

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