Steven Dawson-Gray (steveowtf) wrote in virusnews,
Steven Dawson-Gray

System Security Virus, i need of help desperatley!!!

So, i have two computer towers. One for my music and my movies (the one i'm on right now) and one for all my word documents, short stories, novels in progress, and other such things.

Well, my document tower got a virus today. Yeah, a fucking virus! and guess what was on that tower? the novel I'm working on called Steam.

Usually, a virus will let you continue doing your work, but in this case it CLOSES EVERYDAMN THING I TRY TO OPEN SAYING IT'S INFECTED! the virus is called System Securiy. It's a rogue anti-virus program that auto installed itself into my computer. I can't uninstall it, i can' open up my anti-spyware/virus program to get rid of it, i can't get on the internet and most importantly, i can't write any more to my novel.

I press CNTRL+ALT+DLT, it auto closes, saying it's infected. I open control panel, same thing happens. I try to open up any program that isn't System Security, guess what? Same friggin' thing, time after time!

If anybody knows of anyway to get rid of this damn thing, please, please, please let me know.
I've tried safe mode, and uninstalling it, but safe mode doesn't let you do that, i've treid safe mode with my anti-virus, it tells me to EXIT SAFEMODE to use it, which just isn't possible. I try to run an online scan in safe mode, and it won't let me do that either.

I've exhausted every possibe method i can think of to try and squash this damn virus, all to no avail. so once again...

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE help m out here, if my novel ever gets published i will put you in the special thanks section, because without you i'll never end up finishing...

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